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Reminder: June payday changes

June 6, 2011

In 2003, then-Gov. Owens signed SB 03-197 which indefinitely shifts the last June payroll to the first working day in July (known as the "payday shift").

To avoid another hardship to employees, during this legislative session CSU strongly advocated for legislation that would exempt institutions of higher education from this statute. Despite our best efforts, that legislation was unsuccessful.

Next year, CSU will continue its efforts to try to eliminate the burden caused by delaying salary payments, especially on our valued employees who are paid bi-weekly. This is a high priority for CSU.

For 2011, the changes to the June payroll are as follows:

If you are paid every other week (hourly employees, etc.), the bi-weekly payday that would regularly occur on Friday, June 17, will be delayed until Friday, July 1. Due to this 14-day delay, you will receive two checks (or Direct Deposits) on July 1 for the two pay periods from June.

If you are paid once a month, your payday for work in June will be on Friday, July 1 – a one-day delay.

It is important for our employees to work with their bank and creditors to adjust for this one-time-per-year payday shift. CSU is committed to providing accurate and timely payment for all of its employees.

We regret the inconvenience that this law places on our employees.

Questions should be referred to Joanne Robel, payroll manager, at (970) 491-5853 or email

Contact: Joanne M Robel
Phone: 491-5853