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Meet the CSU Ramble On crew

November 10, 2011
Alana Curtis, Brian Roxbury and Adam Walsh

Students offer quick glimpses of life at CSU, including events on campus, profiles on interesting CSU people, and other campus life goings-on in the YouTube video series, Ramble On.

Adam Walsh, Brian Roxbury and Alana Curtis make up the Ramble On crew. The Ramble On crew produces 90-second videos covering university events, people and other CSU-related stories that then get posted to CSU’s YouTube channel. We are a three-student team that works together or independently to showcase the diversity that makes the CSU community so great. All three of us are Journalism and Technical Communication majors, and our interest in producing fun, energetic and entertaining packages allow us to have fun while sharing the passion of other CSU students.

Who we are

Adam Walsh is a senior in the Journalism program and has been a part of the Ramble On crew for two semesters. Upon graduation in the spring, Adam hopes to pursue a career in producing sports news. Adam’s favorite part about producing Ramble On videos is, “Connecting with students I go to school with, but have never met. CSU is a unique place, and Ramble On videos provide a great opportunity to demonstrate the differences and similarities in the community.”

Brian Roxbury is graduating in December and will pursue a career in the TV news or entertainment industry. Brian’s favorite part about producing Ramble On videos is, “Talking to students about what they are passionate about. I love learning about the interests and activities other CSU students spend their free time involved with. It gives me an opportunity to feel connected to the CSU community, and share those experiences.”

Alana Curtis is also graduating in December and although she isn’t exactly sure what career path she will be pursuing, she sees Ramble On videos as a great way to refine her skills. Alana’s favorite part about being a part of the crew is, “Meeting all kinds of new people. It can be pretty uncomfortable when you feel like you're shoving a camera and microphone into someone's face; but every single person I've worked with has been kind and super helpful. Plus, I've been to places and seen things on campus I've never even seen before! That's always fun, too!”

Make sure to check out the Ramble On playlist on CSU’s YouTube channel!