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Health / Safety

Volunteers wanted: Exercise in simulated high-altitude

February 6, 2014

The Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory in CSU's Department of Health and Exercise Science is seeking volunteers to participate in a study attempting to answer the following question: Does the diabetes medicine, Metformin, promote insulin sensitivity and improve exercise performance in a low oxygen environment?

Participation will involve: use of a diabetes medication (metformin), muscle biopsies, blood samples, and difficult exercise in a low oxygen environment.

Volunteers should be 18- to 40-years-old, non-smokers, not pregnant, and have normal blood pressure.

Benefits to participating

Benefits for study volunteers include access to information pertinent to body composition, and metabolic and cardiovascular risk. Study volunteers will be given a copy of their DEXA scan.

Participants will also receive financial compensation for time spent in the laboratory.

Potential risks

This study has the potential to identify strategies that can improve physical performance at higher altitudes.

Volunteers will perform vigorous exercise under simulated high-altitude conditions (low oxygen). Participants should not currently be taking prescription medications or using any recreational drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

For more information, please contact the lab via email or phone at 970-491-3495.

This study has been approved by the CSU Instituitional Review Board (Protocol # 13-4366H).

Contact: Christopher Bell
Phone: (970) 491-3495