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Global Connections

CSU welcomes first Water Scholars from China

August 22, 2012

The first two students chosen to study in the CSU/Coca-Cola Water Scholars Program will study in CSU's world-class water programs.

Zhu XinnanCSU and Coca-Cola have partnered to establish a unique new scholarship program in China. The first Chinese students in the CSU/Coca-Cola Water Scholars Program are now enrolled at CSU and taking advantage of the University’s world-class programs in global water issues.

Zhu Xinnan, a student from East China Normal University in Shanghai, and Fang Lei, a student from Anhui Agricultural University in Hefei, are the first participants in the CSU/Coca-Cola Water Scholars Program. Both have strong interests in water sustainability.

Two-year study program

The two students went through careful review processes both at CSU and their home institutions. The full scholarships are valid for two years. Two additional water scholars will be named in 2013 from China Agricultural University and Guizhou University.

The CSU/Coca-Cola Water Scholars Program will benefit undergraduate students at four Chinese universities. Coca-Cola is committing $1 million over the next 10 years to support the program. 

Strategic partnership

CSU has been a world leader in water issues for more than 125 years. With more than 160 faculty and research scientists focused on water questions and problems, the university provides one of the most water-rich educational environments in the world.

Fang LeiThe CSU/Coca-Cola Water Scholars Program underscores the strategic importance of CSU’s activities in China. CSU has developed strategic partnerships with eight Chinese universities, and through these partnerships, an increasing number of Chinese students are choosing to attend CSU.

CSU and East China Normal University also launched the Joint Research Institute for New Energy and the Environment last summer. Additionally, CSU will open a Confucius Institute in 2013, which will provide new Chinese language and culture opportunities for the Fort Collins community. CSU recently established a new China Programs Office to help coordinate these activities.  Professor Wei Gao, who has been critical to so many Chinese initiatives at CSU, is the director of this office.

About the first two recipients of the CSU-Coca Cola Water Scholars Program:

Zhu Xinnan

Zhu just completed her second year in Environmental Science at East China Normal University. She became interested in ecology and water issues at an early age, and in high school, she began formal studies related to sustainable water treatment. Her main focus is the impact of human activities on water ecosystems. She would like to study Watershed Science at CSU, and her long-term professional goal is to help develop and build sustainable water infrastructure in China.

Fang Lei

Fang studied Irrigation and Drainage Engineering at Anhui Agricultural University and has deep concerns about water pollution in China and around the world. His fascination with water began as a young child. He brings to CSU an understanding of the gravity of water issues and a desire to make a contribution to water sustainability worldwide. Lei will focus on the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in pursuing solutions, and is eager to study Environmental Engineering at CSU.

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