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Snowriders ready to hit the slopes

October 3, 2009
Rommel McClaney

The winter season always brings smiles to the faces of CSU Snowriders officers Robert Mahoney, Brian Vanderpool, and Mark Tobia. The CSU social club is awaiting the first signs of the 2009 winter.

Student organization eagerly waits for winter season

Although some CSU students don't look forward to the winter season ahead, the CSU Snowriders, the skiing and snowboarding social club, are highly anticipating it.

"Our perfect day would be a huge powder day up in Breckenridge with our group taking 4 vans up on a Saturday in January," says Snowriders Co-President Brian Vanderpool. Brian is a Senior Sociology and Natural Resources major and has been skiing for 11 years.

"That would be one of our biggest trips of the year and we'd have a huge variety of skiers and snowboarders...and each member would be unique themselves. It would be a great time for members to all meet each other and share an awesome day on the mountain." Brian also says that no traffic going up or coming back would be ideal as well.

Snowriders isn't just about skiing and snowboarding. With over 300 members, the group annually hosts movie nights, member nights, and other social events so members can meet new people.

What new members can expect

When Brian joined as an incoming freshman, he did not know anyone from the club. Although he at first didn’t know anyone, he quickly made new friends in Snowriders. “…just about every one of my friends I met through Snowriders.” They are now some of his closest friends. Snowriders is ideal for incoming freshman, or other incoming students, who want to meet people in a fun, comfortable environment.

Brian and Robert Mahoney, a senior Communications study major, are co-presidents of the club that organize 8 other officers. No officer is less responsible than the other and each one puts the same amount of time and effort into the club for every event.
For those who are tentative about becoming a member because of your school schedule, Snowriders has you covered.

“We know students can have very hectic schedules and we try to work around major events and school days. All our day trips, over the weekend trips, member nights or other social events usually are Thursday-Saturday." 

The club also organizes meetings around the weeks prior to finals week, giving their members time to study. "We always encourage students to stay on top of their school work, but we like to provide a time of escape for relax and enjoy themselves even if it is for just a brief moment."

United, not divided

A common misconception is that skiiers and snowboards are usually on "two different sides of the mountain." Meaning that the two groups hardly interact because of skiiers thinking they are better than snowboarders and vice-versa.

Vanderpool says, "That would be a very false statement in Snowriders."

The Snowrider mission statement states that the number one goal is to bring together everyone who shares the passion (of snowriding), from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Brian says he has seen both groups interact in a fun and friendly way which is exactly the atomosphere Snowriders looks to create.

Contacting Snowriders

The Snowriders office is located in the Student Organization Suite which is across from the ticket box office in the LSC. You can also visit theCSU Snowriders website or join their Facebook group.

Contact: CSU Snowriders