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Parking and Transportation launches virtual permits

April 17, 2013

Parking and Transportation Services will launch a new, virtual permit system in July.

carpool parking signThe virtual permit system includes several features that benefit permit holders including the opportunity to add more than one vehicle to a permit (only one vehicle per permit is allowed on campus at a time), easy online purchase, no need to move a permit from one vehicle to another and no need for special permits for convertibles and soft top vehicles. Permit holders who sometimes drive and sometimes ride a motorcycle also no longer have to worry about buying a separate permit for each.'

Fees won't increase in July

Parking permit fees will not increase with the new fiscal year in July. Permit stickers also will be issued in July for the next fiscal year, which ends June 30 of 2014, and Parking and Transportation Services also will tie the traditional permits to the virtual permit system to pilot the new system. The following year -- beginning summer of 2014 -- the entire system will be virtual.

“We will start working with vendors this spring to develop the new system, which works off of technology that recognizes license plates,” said Dave Bradford, director of Parking and Transportation Services. “The new system will be more convenient to customers and they’ll no longer have to worry about getting a parking ticket if they forget to transfer their permit from one vehicle to another, or because it has fallen off the windshield.”

More convenience

Virtual permits will be available online, expediting their purchase and allowing customers to activate their permit without visiting the Parking Services office. Permits also will be immediately activated once they are purchased, and, if someone needs to add a rental car for a few days, for example, they can contact Parking and Transportation Services or log in online and add the license plate for activation before they arrive on campus.

Monitored through new system

Under the virtual system, parking on campus will be monitored through a camera system attached to Parking and Transportation Services vehicles that will scan license plates and compare them to virtual permits. Only one vehicle per permit will be allowed on campus at one time. Parking and Transportation Services will not keep scans of license plates more than seven days, with the exception of scans that generate a parking ticket.

The virtual system will help save costs such as permit printing and inventory, permit mailings, and reduced need for weekend hours during permit sales seasons. In addition, the system will help prevent permit loss, theft and forgery.