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Premium rooms available for returning students

February 4, 2013

Starting Feb. 4, students who are interested in returning to the residence halls next fall can now select a room.

Returning students will have a number of premium rooms to choose from:

  • Aspen Hall
  • Parmelee 4th floor lofts (singles and doubles)
  • Single rooms in Summit, Durward, Westfall, and Corbett
  • Double-as-single rooms in Ingersoll, Edwards, and Newsom
  • Designated upperclass/returning floors in Summit and Newsom
  • Three room corner units with private bedroom in Westfall and Durward

Higher GPAs for those on campus

On the academic side, data collected for the past twenty-three years demonstrates that students who live on campus have a higher GPA than students who live off campus. This is true for every cohort on campus from freshmen to seniors, with upperclass students more deeply impacted.

Renovation projects create premium spaces for returning students

For the past several years, occupancy in the residence halls has been very high as CSU’s incoming classes continue to grow.  With CSU’s first-year live-in requirement, on-campus housing for first year students is guaranteed. Housing & Dining Services has still been able to house all returning students who wished to return to the halls but also recognized that more space, especially premium spaces, were needed to really meet the needs and demands of returning students.  With the completion of the 4th Floor Projects for both Parmelee and Braiden halls, there are over 200 new premium bed spaces to offer returning and transfer students next fall. The new beds have also freed up more single and doubles-as-single rooms for returning students.

Supporting retention and graduation goals

As part of the University’s retention goals, Housing & Dining Services has increased bed spaces for returning students and is also focusing on ensuring that the second, third, or fourth year experience for students in the halls is enriching, both academically and socially. In addition to the premium spaces and designated communities for returning, upperclass, and transfer students, Housing & Dining is also beginning to work with our academic partners to expand the first-year Residential Learning Community experience into a second year experience that offers the same academic support for students advancing toward their degree.