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Environment / Sustainability

Green Warrior Campaign is in full swing

February 9, 2010

What is the Green Warrior Campaign? It's a campus-wide initiative to get CSU students thinking about how they can benefit the environment. Students can still sign up online to be Green Warrior to earn prizes, as well as get more information on how to get involved in other green projects on campus.

Beware of 'vampires'

What do vampires have to do with going green? Even when turned off, most appliances and technology gadgets still use electricity when plugged into an outlet. These “vampires” suck up 5 percent of household electricity used in the United States.

But do not fear! Green Warriors at Colorado State Univeristy are battling these energy-wasters by plugging electronics and appliances into power strips, which can be shut off when not in use, then reporting their sustainable actions on the Green Warrior website.

Nearly 70 CSU students have logged on to the Green Warrior site with their eID and have earned prizes for reporting their green deeds. 

Green Warriors exceeding expectations

“Students participating in the Green Warrior Campaign have gone above and beyond what we had initially expected,” says Alysse Brice, student coordinator for the Green Warrior Campaign.

Along with checking off a list of green actions, students have the option of designing and executing their own green initiative and describing it on the site. “We’ve received lengthy reports from students who are committed to sustainability on numerous levels,” Brice says.

These students have already earned Green Warrior gear, such as a sticker, a T-shirt, a remote-controlled power strip, and the coveted Green Warrior Certification decal.

“It’s nice to be recognized for being environmentally responsible and the cool prizes are a plus,” says Emily Wasson, junior natural resources recreation and tourism major.

How to become a Green Warrior

Students can join CSU’s green army by visiting the Green Warrior website. After logging in with a CSU eID, students can select from a list of green initiatives or design their own plan for going green.

The site will track points and notify campaign coordinators when a student has earned a prize. The site also provides information about getting involved with campus and community sustainability.

Students can also join the CSU Green Warrior Facebook group for updates and to connect with other Green Warriors.

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