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Addendum to important change in student course survey process

November 5, 2010

The student course surveys will now be processed by The Institute for Learning and Teaching. Following is a clarification pertaining to the original announcement on Nov. 3. Also, a newer version of Section 1.8 in the Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual is available below.

Several questions have been raised regarding the following statement:

"Please request only one coversheet per course, per section. Also, please only request one survey form per student, per course, per section. Please do not stock pile."

The concern is that manner departments have team-taught courses or courses taught by a full faculty member and break-out sessions covered by Graduate Teaching Assistants. The statement above has led some to the conclusion that only one survey form can be provided for each student and one cover sheet per section, period. However, it is acceptable, and widely-practiced, to have one cover sheet for each of the individual instructors and GTAs along with sufficient survey forms for the students to comment on each individual in these situations.

A newer version of Section 1.8 in the Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual is available. This new version is provided below.

Section I.8 Student Course Survey (last revised June 23, 2010)

The Student Course Survey is designed to provide feedback to course instructors and is to be used for course improvement. In addition, it is designed to provide information for students to make informed choices about courses. Each term, course instructors shall conduct a student survey of all the courses they teach through a system administered by the University utilizing the standardized University wide instrument. After the responses are tabulated, the original forms shall be forwarded only to the course instructor, and a quantitative summary of each course surveyed shall be forwarded directly to the course instructor, and released to the Associated Students of Colorado State University ("ASCSU"), provided that ASCSU contributes a fair share, not to exceed half, of the required financial resources to operate this program. The Committee on Teaching and Learning is responsible for making recommendations regarding the survey instrument and its use. Changes to the Student Course Survey shall be approved by Faculty Council.

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