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Ask Cam

Open space on campus

December 9, 2011


Hi Cam! Several years ago on a tour of the campus, it was mentioned that the area west of Lory Student Center (the West Lawn and the intramural fields) could never be developed. Is that true? And, if so, why? Thanks!

Cam’s answer:

Interesting question! I trotted over to visit with Fred Haberecht, my main go-to guy at Facilities, and he told me that the intramural fields are considered open space.

“The CSU Board of Governors 2004 Master Plan graphically indicates this area as open space, as does its predecessor, the 1997 Master Plan,” Fred says. “Neither plan, nor the current 2010 Master Plan we’ve most recently shown to the campus community, specifically prohibit development to my knowledge, but do strongly promote the idea that this area remain as open space.”

What Fred doesn’t mention, but something everybody knows, is that the area will remain open in perpetuity for my grazing pleasure.

By the way, I’m guessing your inquiry is based on a recent topic of conversation on campus about building a new stadium on the main campus to replace Hughes Stadium out at the foothills. In that light, I’d like to offer a photo that Hap Hazard, our archive guru, sent to me that shows Hughes in its infancy in 1968.

Here’s to land, lots of land, and the sunny skies above!

Cam the Ram