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Magical trip through the mind

February 2, 2009

Benji Bruce has captivated his audience with the illusions he performs and the magical atmosphere he creates. This magician has gotten the "oohs," "aahs," and rendered the most talkative of audiences speechless.

A magician is born

Bruce, born in Kitzingen, Germany, went with his dad to a bowling alley when he was 10 years old. There he witnessed his first magic trick. A friend of his father, a magician, made a coin vanish in front of his face.

“A coin vanish may sound simple, but at the time it was the greatest thing. I felt like my life changed in a split second. Every scientific fact was shattered and all of my beliefs about the world were confronted with a single coin. I knew coins couldn’t just vanish into thin air, but that is exactly what happened in my mind. And because of that, I knew that the only limitations are the one imposed on yourself,” says Bruce.

Since then, Bruce has been hooked on magic.

First time magic

The first magic trick Bruce learned was with sponge balls. He would place a sponge ball in his hand and another in a viewer’s hand. When the viewer looked at their hand, they would find that they were now holding both theirs and Bruce’s ball.

“That moment of astonishment is very rare. It comes and goes so fast that it is almost non-existent. But when you finally feel the moment, it’s like the world around you disappears,” Bruce says.

Proudly presenting…

At the age of 13, Bruce was performing professional shows for various restaurants. The majority of his performances are for corporate entertainment; therefore, they are private shows. However, Narghile Nights Hookah Lounge, in Old Town Fort Collins, hires Bruce for some Saturday amazement.

Bruce is known in the magic community and has been a recipient of several awards. He has also travelled across the national and internationally to Israel.

Memorable performance

After finishing a stage routine, in the eighth grade, Bruce entered himself in the school talent show.

“As soon as I got on stage, everyone was screaming and then my song played for the magic routine. I started pop-locking and doing magic at the same time and the crowd went crazy! People were chanting, ‘Go Benji! Go Benji! Go Benji!’ As soon as I finished, everyone stood up and clapped. I got my first standing ovation,” Bruce recalls.

Unusual reactions

Bruce performs frequently, yet, he still encounters a couple of bizarre reactions from audience members now and then.

“I’ve seen people in complete silence from the amazement and I’ve had a woman curse at me,” says Bruce.

Bruce’s most entertaining reaction was during a show in California. He told a man in the audience to think of someone close to him. Bruce then told the man who he was thinking of and where the person was from. The man started screaming and ran out of the room.

Passing on secrets

If you’re wondering if he is willing to share his magical secrets and take on students, Bruce has something to say about that.

“No. But if someone offered me a million bucks then I might reconsider.”

Bruce is a senior, majoring in liberal arts with minors in business and diversity in law.

Feature photo by EricD Photography.

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