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Ask Cam

Center of the Universe? Well, the southside of campus at least

April 14, 2010


“Hey Cam,
The new parking garage looks better and better each week. What I can't fathom is why the beautiful sign under ‘Colorado State University’ on Prospect Road side says ‘Centre Avenue’ ... Shouldn't it say ‘Prospect Road?’

Wheeling around,
A confused driver”

Cam’s response:
Dear confused driver:

Great question. When I was serving as an advisor on this one, as I do with all construction projects on campus (you think the Ram’s head logo gets added by itself?), I must have missed this meeting.

So, I went to the campus architects who let me know that the actual street sign is hanging from the traffic light pole. The “Centre Avenue” you see so nicely chiseled in stone signifies the Centre Avenue entrance to campus. This is so that a driver who gets off Interstate 25 at Prospect Road can easily navigate their way to a specific, south entrance to campus that just happens to be conveniently located near a parking garage.

It’s the line of thinking that helped create the Rampart Road entrance on CSU’s Foothill Campus.

So, there you have it. And please do not try to drive while confused; it’s only slightly less dangerous than driving while distracted.

Keep on wheelin’ …