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Ask Cam

Cam picks a tradition

March 31, 2011


Cam, CSU has had many traditions over the years that have eventually died out, like College Days. What traditions would you bring back?

Cam’s answer:

Traditions! (Imagine me fiddling on the roof of the LSC!)

Indeed, as the University has grown and changed over the years, traditions like all freshman wearing beanies, or that students would register for classes in person by dashing around a gym floor. Certainly, College Days was the huge tradition, but that kind of got out of hand and was canceled (Thanks a lot, “Me Generation”).

Traditions are a byproduct of the times. Sometimes they become irrelevant and go away, sometimes new traditions take hold – that’s just part of the evolution of campus.

But, if I had to pick one tradition, it would be:

All students work two hours a day on the campus farm – no exceptions. This was an educational requirement back in 1880. (Photo of the barn above - identified on a postcard as being located at the Experimental Station, State Agricultural College - was taken around 1910. You can almost hear the cows!)  

Bring back this requirement, and you'd be begging to sit through a lecture in Clark A101!

See you on the farm,

Cam the Ram