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Health / Safety

Fire/life safety reporting network for University

September 16, 2010

The Notifier Network is the fire/life safety reporting network for the University. A workstation at CSUPD monitors the Fire Life Safety System throughout campus, and as the alarms come into CSUPD dispatch, the appropriate departments for response are notified with graphical information letting them know how to respond to the alarm condition. In the future, this network will integrate a mass notification function for the entire campus.

This screen shot illustrates how the Notifier System allows dispatch to view the exact location of the fire alarm, including floor plans, before they enter the building.

Investment exceeds $1 million

All new construction projects have installed digital voice for the audible and visual notification on the fire alarms. It is also in the CSU standards manual that all new construction, remodels and upgrades should also have this equipment installed to allow the mass notification function when the next phase of the network expansion is completed. Over three quarters of the campus has already been integrated into the Notifier Network for monitoring and the other 25 percent is currently underway.

Ray Shostrom, the Fire and Life Safety Systems Administrator for the university's Department of Risk Management, oversees the alarm system. He explains that the implementation of this “smart system” started 9 years ago, and estimates that over $1 million has already been invested on the Notifier campus wide:

Mass notification system

“This is the largest system in the State of Colorado and the 5th largest in the nation. Within 3-5 years we’ll be number two in the nation – second only to NASA.”

The mass notification operates from the CSUPD workstation giving them the ability to remote into the buildings and make an announcement either individually or an all call function which would go out to all of the buildings where this equipment is installed.

“What differentiates this system from others”, says Shostrom, “is its ability to provide responders with floor plans which show the exact location of the emergency, making for a more efficient response.”

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