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Just moved in? Protect that security deposit!

August 6, 2010

If you're just moving into an apartment or home, consider filling out the Student Legal Services checklist or getting one from your landlord. This is important if you want to protect your security deposit.

Inspect your place

Like many CSU students, you may have just started a lease and moved into a new place. In the midst of unpacking all those boxes and settling in, there is one very important thing you should do now to protect your security deposit.

Fill out a check-in sheet and take pictures!

SLS check-in sheet

If the landlord does not provide a check-in sheet, get one off our website at Student Legal Services and be very specific when filling it out. Complete the sheet even if the landlord is not available to do a walk through, and even if the landlord does not require one. Keep a copy and give a copy to the landlord along with a written request to repair/clean anything that needs it. Store your copy and the pictures with your copy of the signed lease, so next summer when you move out you can easily find the documents if the landlord tries to charge you for anything that was already damaged at move in.

For more great housing tips check out our website and remember that Student Legal Services has 3 experienced attorneys to help you with almost any legal issue. Our office is funded by student fees so the services are free!

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E-mail: Valerie.McIntyre@colostate,edu
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