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What to buy for those 'just in case' times

August 9, 2010
By Ro McClaney

While out shopping for house, apartment or dorm supplies you might want to pick up these recommended items. Whether you're on your own or in the dorms, you'll be glad you picked these up when the situation arises.

Green, cheap, and handy


Students who own a house or apartment already have five bottles of carpet stain remover but I recommend this to dorm residents as well. All it takes is one drink spill to have you paying an unnecessary fine. This is a product that might not always be handy when you need it. Spills and accidents are all too common in a hall, apartment or home full of crazy college kids.

Duct Tape

Believe it or not, many people forget this when the go shopping. Now I'm not saying you're going to have some big project or problem that involves heavy duty tape but I can say it's essential. A crack in a plastic bin can be sealed up or important flyers or posters can be taped to the wall. Duct tape will fix anything. It's also good to have if a hall or roommate needs it. You might just be their hero.

Brita Water Filter or Pitcher

If you're having trouble kicking the plastic water bottle habit or looking to stay green at CSU, well you can do both by buying a water filter or pitcher. As much as our green university encourages us to recycle, some have more trouble than others. With a water filter, you spend $25 on the unit and $15 every two months for two new filters. It's much cheaper than buying those large packs of plastic bottled water but ensures the same pure taste.

Large hanging calendar

For those who own a small weekly planner, you might not consider getting this. While those smaller planners are nice, there is no worse feeling than walking into class Monday morning and realizing you have a test, all because your planner sat in you bag all weekend. Also, this is really cheap and you won't believe how much it will benefit you in the long run while trying to keep track of classes.

Umbrella and grocery bags

Any out of state Rams need to remember although our weather is beautiful, it has been known to change without warning. It's also good to have some grocery bags on hand for when the weather changes and you're on a bike. Nothing worse then having to ride home in the rain on a wet bike seat. The grocery bag is something you can pick up anywhere, anytime but you will find yourself needing it atleast once.

 Anything else?

Any readers out there who can think of any other college essentials, contact student writer Ro McClaney. You're sure to see it in the next blog posting of Rambling with Ro.