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T&T make a splash at CSU

December 15, 2009
Danielle Musso

Freshman CSU swimmers Tasia and Tara DeMuth (T&T) are twins who have entered the college world side by side. You can catch them walking to class together, eating dinner together and you can cheer them on at Moby Pool as they swim for CSU together.

Both have enjoyed the sport of swimming for 10 years

Tara and Tasia DeMuth are freshmen twins who have entered the college world side by side. For 10 years, Tara and Tasia have enjoyed the sport of swimming and love for competition.

Prior to entering CSU, where they became the first set of twins to swim for the Rams, they swam for Fairview High School and Rally Sport Aquatic Club in their hometown of Louisville, Colo.

"Just helping each other and being there for one another" is what stands out most thus far about making the college transition together, according to Tara. The shift from high school to the intense morning and afternoon swim practices combined with the increased load of collegiate studies as undeclared student-athletes is where they feel having one another to maintain their motivation has been a huge asset.

"There are times when I would have slept through the alarm, if it wasn't for my sister," said Tasia.

Sisters stay in touch with home

For many students, the reality of college eventually sets in and homesickness can take over. Tara feels sharing the college experience jointly with her sister has helped this transition. Tasia thinks the move has been harder on their parents than on them.
With the twins being the only children of Sue and Tripp DeMuth, the nest became empty all at once. So Tara and Tasia enjoy when their parents offer to make the hour drive and buy them dinner for the night.

Each has their own style

At first glance, it would be hard to realize Tara and Tasia are twins because each has her own identity. Tara describes the twins as "being different and that is why we get along really well."

Tara is the more organized one with a straight-forward perspective, and Tasia is the laid back, casual one.

"But we are not so different that we clash," explains Tasia.

Their differences also carry into the pool. Tasia specializes in the sprint genre, while Tara concentrates in the breaststroke and butterfly. The ability to specialize in different strokes removes sister rivalry or competition, so instead they enjoy supporting one another.

Love and support makes them successful

Head Coach John Mattos refers to the twins as two athletes, "that could easily swim the last half of a medley relay all by themselves. Tara brings outstanding butterfly and breaststroke potential to this year's team, while Tasia brings a wealth of talent into the sprint freestyle corps."

So when you meet T-squared or T&T, nicknames given by the swim team, you will find two sisters who enjoy experiencing all adventures life is throwing at them as one unit. They do so through support and love for one another that has been years in the making.

You can catch Tara and Tasia back in Moby Pool for competitive action Jan. 22, when CSU hosts DU.