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Get your workstation evaluated

Updated January 17, 2009

What is involved in the workstation evaluation? What will be done for me?

Ergonomic evaluations

At the evaluation you will be asked various questions in order for the ergonomist to determine possible causes of discomfort or injury. The ergonomist may also want to observe you while you perform your normal job duties in order to try and determine things you may be doing to create discomfort in addition to taking pictures of you and your workstation. This will help reflect the job more accurately so that risk factors can be pointed out easier if need be.

Injury risk factors

At the evaluation you will learn about the proper workstation setup in addition to other guidelines and what injury risk factors may be present if any which the ergonomist will discuss with you. Risk factors if present will be identified as best as possible and in the case risk factors are present the ergonomist will discuss these with you and help make the necessary changes as appropriate and feasible.

If changes can be made at the time the ergonomic specialist will help make these changes. If more extensive changes need to be made they will be recommended and discussed at the time of the evaluation and later provided in a written report which you will receive for documentation purposes.

Prevent onset of injury, increase efficiency

You will also receive some background on ergonomics and be able to understand why certain risk factors are present, what could come from this risk and how and why to reduce or eliminate these concerns. This will help prevent onset of injury, increase productivity and efficiency in addition to many other related factors.

Please call (970) 491-2724 for more information and benefits from seeking an ergonomic evaluation.

How can I schedule an ergonomic evaluation, or workstation/job site analysis for my job or workstation?

E-mail or call Frank Gonzales at (970) 491-2724:

  • Request an ergonomic evaluation
  • Briefly state the issues/concerns/problems you are having
  • Provide your first and last name, e-mail, and phone number
  • Obtain the ergonomic evaluation questionnaire or checklist (this can be obtained either online or by e-mail from Frank)
  • Schedule a time and day to meet with Frank, and provide your building and room number
  • After receiving the questionnaire, fill it out as best you can and hold on to it until Frank arrives at the schedule appointment time
  • Be ready for Frank on the scheduled time and day

Learn more from the Ergonomics Program.

Contact: Frank Gonzales
Phone: (970) 491-2724