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Ask Cam

The DL on Student FYI

March 31, 2009


Where did the Student FYI e-mail go?

Cam’s answer:

I’ve got my hooves in just about every office and organization here on campus and even I still miss out on hearing about some of CSU’s many events and programs. For years, I read Student FYI as a way of keeping track of the comings and goings on campus.

Fear not, loyal Student FYI readers

You are still receiving your coveted e-mail, it’s just in a new format. Student FYI is now part of Today@Colorado State

Everyday, several Student FYIs are featured in the weekday Today@Colorado State e-mail (right-hand side, see image at right).

Just click on the Student Life tab and you’ll find out that Student FYI is as obvious as the curl of my horns.  Plus, you can now easily review all archived Student FYIs by clicking on the Student FYI story category where all the postings are listed in the order they are received. 

The new format allows users to submit photos, include hyperlinks, and provides a modern look in contrast to the old, outdated plain text format. Isn't technology cool?  

Wool is cool,