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Global Connections

Befriend an international student

August 31, 2009

A sad fact: Most international students in the U.S. never get to visit an American home during the years they spend at our universities. We don't want that to happen at CSU.

70 international students waiting for an American "friend"

For many years, CSU faculty and staff, as well as Fort Collins community people, have welcomed new international students by offering to be an "International Friend" to them.

This year, of the near 200 international students newly arrived at CSU, we now have more than 70 international students who have applied to be matched with an American family or single person and are waiting to be placed.

The "Friend's" responsibility: To make contact at least once a month (e.g. dinner, invitation to an event, trip to the mountains, etc.) for a commitment of a school year (you do not provide housing for the student).

Please respond. We want these students to know that they are welcome here and that together we all will become more "internationally educated."

Application online

Respond by clicking on for an International Friends application - right away. They are waiting!

The International Friends Program is one of six programs offered by the Fort Collins International Center that provides support to the international student population at CSU. The Fort Collins International Center is a non-profit community organization for those eager to learn about and share the riches of our world's cultures one person at a time.

Since 1967, volunteers have been providing the Fort Collins area with programs and activities designed to build friendships and develop understanding among people from around the world. Colorado State University's Office of International Programs recognizes Fort Collins International Center as their official volunteer organization. Together they support international students, their families and the broader community with various programs.

Contact: Fort Collins International Center
Phone: (970) 491-7398