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Higher Ed in the News

Vietnam's higher ed system hasn't kept up with growing demand

July 26, 2010

In July, 1.9 million high school seniors in Vietnam took a college admission test.

A 2009 Vietnam government report on higher education lamented a system that "fails to keep pace with the socioeconomic development of the country." According to the World Bank, which last month approved a $456.5 million loan aimed at improving Vietnam's higher education system, the percentage of professors with doctorates has declined in the past decade.

Vietnam, with 89 million people, has fewer than 400 colleges and universities. By comparison, the United States, with 310 million people, has 4,400.

Even below-average schools in Vietnam have Ivy League-like acceptance rates. Acceptance rates vary based on intended major, but last year, Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College, a de facto community college, accepted 7.1 percent of business administration candidates and 6.2 percent of its finance and banking candidates.


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