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Ask Cam

Parking problems?

February 26, 2013

Dear Cam,

There is a huge loss of parking spaces on the east side of campus near the track – will any of these be replaced? Help!

Cam’s answer

I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody… oh, oops. I got a little caught up in the Beatles there.

Anyway, I totally get what you mean! Lately, I can’t seem to find any parking for my new little green and gold moped! And I know you’re probably thinking, “Cam, how can you ride a moped?” Well, let me tell you, that little thing gets me from the Athletics offices to the Alumni Association in no time flat! And lately, with how our Rams have been doing in basketball, I’ve been one busy Ram.

Like you, I was hoping I could figure out the answer to my parking needs, so I called up my buddies at Parking Services, and this is what I learned:

“Parking Services is aware that parking is getting tighter in this area of campus, and construction along the Mason Street corridor for the MAX project also is having an immediate impact. As a result, Parking Services is beginning a parking and transportation study to continue to evaluate and improve parking on campus, including finding locations where new parking structures can be built to alleviate some of the pressure.

Additionally, Parking Services supports and leads alternative transportation initiatives on campus as part of their commitment to give people more choices. This includes the possibility of an on-campus shuttle to make access to buildings easier from parking that is further away.

In the meantime, Parking Services suggests looking at parking in lots 325 and 605 if you arrive on campus early morning as they tend to fill up later in the day. Also, remember that your A permit can be used in Z parking areas.”

Hmm, I guess that means you’ll be hanging out with yours truly in lots 325 and 605 for the time being.

Welp, I’m off to take a spin around the Oval – catch you later!

Cam the Ram