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How to build a perception of university greatness

November 16, 2010

Through strong leadership, a focus on excellent programs, or being attuned to something in the zeitgeist, certain nationally known universities have created a perception that they belong at the top of the heap.

Some principles of slowly and sustainably building a perception of greatness, as identified by experts in higher education:

  • High-quality institutions have identified unique or distinctive strengths in their programs and put resources into those, perhaps at the expense of others.
  • Colleges can either thrive or founder on the basis of their leaders.
  • Many big name universities are located in a "hot" city. Is it coincidence that "hot" colleges—New York University, George Washington University, the University of Southern California, to name a few—are located in coastal urban areas?
  • Lots of colleges have strong programs. The ones that are perceived as high quality are better at promoting them.
  • Successful institutions of the future will reframe the way they perceive themselves, even as the world changes the way it sees higher education.


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