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New CSU tuition and fees calculator helps to plan and budget for education

August 9, 2011

Colorado State University has designed a new tuition and fees calculator to help students, prospective students, and families to better plan and budget for their CSU education.

The calculator is online at

Students studyingAllows students to estimate tuition and fees costs

This new web tool allows students to estimate tuition and fees costs for different credit loads and different academic programs. The calculator also explains the different charges that might appear on a student’s tuition bill and provides links to those programs areas that are funded through various fees, so that the students can see how the funds are spent in support of their education.

The calculator can be particularly helpful in helping students understand differential tuition, which is assessed by the course prefix at a rate of $25/$35/$45 per student credit hour, depending on the course. Each CSU college’s rates are based on three factors:

  1. High cost – how expensive the program is to provide;
  2. High demand – whether the program is in high demand by large numbers of students;
  3. High return – how much students generally earn when they graduate from that specific program.

Differential tuition

The particular amounts each student pays depend on which courses the student takes. Differential tuition rates by the course prefix are listed online at the Registrar's website.