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Upcoming RamCT transition to Blackboard Learn

September 15, 2011

The campus will be transitioning to a new version of our Learning Management System, Blackboard Learn, effective at the beginning of the summer semester 2012.

Upcoming RamCT Transition to Blackboard LearnPreparation for this significant transition has already begun and will continue through the fall semester.   

The key upcoming transition activities   

Fall 2011

Pilot preparations for selected participants from every college

Spring 2012

Formal pilot with students

Content migration of Summer and Fall 2011 sections

Training for instructors and TA’s

Instructors prepare content for Summer & Fall 2012 in RamCT Blackboard

Summer 2012

Go-Live: Transition to the new system at the start of the Summer semester 2012 for those with Summer classes in RamCT

Fall 2012

Big Go-Live: Transition to the new system at the start of the Fall semester 2012 for the remainder classes in RamCT

For additional details regarding content migration, systems integration, and more, visit the website

The current version of RamCT will no longer be used for teaching beginning summer 2012

RamCT Blackboard enhancements include:

  • an improved grade center
  • drag & drop file uploads
  • new interactive Web 2.0 technology
  • an updated interface
  • and more

Here are a couple things you should know:

  1. RamCT Blackboard is really different!
  2. Instructors, it takes time to learn the new system and prepare content in RamCT Blackboard. Plan ahead! See instructor checklist.

More information

For questions and more information, contact

ACNS will continue to work diligently with the College RamCT Coordinators to make this transition successful.