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Supernatural haunts in CSU's oldest buildings

October 10, 2013
by Regina Martel

With Halloween so close, Regina Martel gives us the inside scoop behind some of the eerie buildings on campus.

After working at the university for a number of years, I am sure that most of us have heard the legends or ghost stories of the historic buildings and hallways that we walk each day. We’ve heard stories of doors opening mysteriously, papers flying off of desks with no warning, orbs in photos, and footsteps being heard in different areas of buildings. While most of the stories might be a little more fiction than fact, I am convinced that we might not be the only ones living and working in some of the buildings.

I have been helping with RamTrax tours around campus and a few of the tours have put us in some of the most historic buildings on the oval past regular hours, and we have been witness to lights turning on and off, hearing footsteps and other unexplained noises. These experiences had my heart pounding. After one terrifying evening on a Mystery of CSU History tour, the RamTrax team thought it was time to call in the professionals to help us figure out what was going on, specifically in Ammons Hall and Student Services.

Calling in the professionals

The Ghost Hunters of Colorado accepted the challenge of investigating these buildings fully to finally give us answers of who, what, and why these paranormal things are happening. These ghost hunters have done a number of investigations in California and Colorado where their investigations have ranged from residential homes and offices to some of the most haunted public sites such as the Queen Mary and the Stanley Hotel. We brought the team to Ammons hall and to Student Services in hopes that they could give us some answers to the ghostly happenings in the buildings.

As many people know, Ammons Hall opened in 1922 as the women’s recreational facility complete with an indoor swimming pool, a sun room, living room, and guest rooms. Ammons was a recreation center into the 1990’s and now is home to the Office of Admissions and University Welcome Center. This building is rumored to be the most haunted: lights turning off and on, mysterious giggling, eerie growling, and watery footsteps have been noted on numerous occasions. Ammons staff and facilities crew hesitate to work past regular business hours because of so many haunted interactions.

Student Services was designed by architect Eugene Groves in 1948 as a men’s dormitory, named Braiden Hall. Groves was the architect of 11 historic buildings surrounding the Oval, but Student Services was his last. He was committed to an insane asylum before the building was completed due to the bizarre building design and the plans to murder his wife and bury her in the basement of the building. The building became unfit as a dormitory only after a few years and now provides space for many offices on campus. CSUPD has been called to the building numerous times for objects flying off desks or found completely thrown down the hallway and for unexplained footsteps. Even on tours we have caught flying orbs and doors slamming on videos.

Sharing the stories

The RamTrax team shared ghost stories and the history of the building as the Ghost Hunters crew set up their equipment. To conjure up spirits, the ghost hunters used night-vision DVRs, full-spectrum video cameras, flashlights, digital audio recorders, ghost box communication devices, infra-red lighting, FLIR thermal camera, and atmospheric meters. Throughout the night, we attempted to contact the spirits and were successful in communicating through flashlight responses and the ghost box communication device. Shadows and orbs also showed in pictures. RamTrax will receive the full report from the ghost hunters as they analyze all of the video and audio footage. Learn more about the findings from the ghost hunters online.

Take a haunted tour

Back by popular demand are the public Mystery of CSU History tours! Come tour the historic Oval on campus, and learn the history behind the buildings, landmarks, and the university’s significance in the Fort Collins community. Find out which buildings may be haunted, hear the stories students, faculty, and staff have passed down for decades, and get the inside scoop on truths, myths, and legends.

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