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Ask Cam

A building by any other name...

May 25, 2010


Cam, How did Bromley Hall get its name?

Cam’s answer:

If only you knew how far and wide a 7-word question sent me! And here I was, enjoying the end of the semester, grazing peacefully on the Oval…

Your question passed between no less than three people at Facilities and other offices, and I think we have most of the details sorted out. We can only hope. As always, if there’s anybody out there in Ram land who knows more, please drop us a line.

The multi-story building now known as University Services Center, located one block north of campus on Howes Street, was built in 1966 by the Bromley Group. As late as 1979, the building was known as College Inn, a residence hall for CSU students, as some alumni remember. In 1979, a room on the fifth floor caught fire, which may have forced the company that owned the building into bankruptcy.

The Colorado State University Research Foundation bought the building in 1980. It was then remodeled into office space and named University Services Center. My esteemed colleague, Nancy Hurt, told me, “The building has not been officially named Bromley Hall since it was purchased by CSURF and leased to CSU starting in the early 1980s.”

So there it is. A building by any name is still a building! Now back to my grazing.

Cam the Ram