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Update from the Stadium Advisory Committee

March 10, 2012

The Stadium Advisory Committee has issued an update including reports from the Center for Public Deliberation and President Tony Frank.

Subcommittees collecting information

CSU has formed a 15-person Stadium Advisory Committee to consider the feasibility of building a new on-campus stadium as a multi-use facility that will also serve as home to the Rams football program. Currently, several subcommittees are collecting information on the proposal, and the reports from these groups and a great deal of information on the process can be found online.

Proponents have said such a facility would provide more opportunities to connect to alumni and donors by bringing more people on to campus on game days. They believe such a facility could enhance game-day traditions, support recruitment of student-athletes and coaches, and increase national visibility among out-of-state students. Proponents have suggested a new stadium could potentially house an alumni welcome center, student housing, and other amenities to serve the entire campus community.

Opponents of the plan have questioned the need for such a facility and have raised concerns about cost, traffic, noise, environmental and neighborhood impacts, and spending private funds on athletics. Opponents have also expressed concerns that a heightened emphasis on athletics is not in keeping with and will detract from CSU’s academic mission.  They recommend preserving and perhaps renovating the existing stadium instead of building a new one.

Committee charged with recommendation

CSU President Tony Frank has charged the Stadium Advisory Committee with providing him a recommendation on the feasibility of an on-campus stadium by the end of the semester. He has stated:

  • CSU won’t consider putting the stadium on existing open green space, including the intramural fields.
  • CSU won’t consider putting the stadium in front of significant existing view sheds so as to protect views of the mountains.
  • All recommendations from the Advisory Committee must take into serious account any impact on neighbors in areas adjacent or near a new stadium.
  • State appropriation, tuition, fees or taxes will not be considered as funding sources for a stadium project.

Please take some time to review the following materials to learn more about the proposal of an on-campus stadium, and to see the work of the Stadium Advisory Committee in exploring this concept. If you have questions or comments, we also encourage you to be involved. If you haven’t already done so, please take a short survey on the concept of an on-campus stadium.

President Tony Frank

Athletics, Why and at What Cost,” a white paper

President Frank answering questions about the stadium proposal at a recent event, video:

A Frequently Asked Questions document designed to respond to questions that have been raised during the process.

CPD continuing involvement

The Center for Public Deliberation, an institute dedicated to facilitating public dialogue around civic issues, has been asked to coordinate a comprehensive process for gathering public input, including gathering feedback through public forums, online outreach, independent research and input gathered from emails, letters and phone calls. The university engaged the Center to help ensure broad input, and the following documents were produced from the first round of these sessions. The CPD will continue to be involved in helping the committee gather input and data from key constituents as part of the feasibility review process. For more information, please go to the CPD website.

Here are the CPD documents submitted to the committee to date:

The CPD “backgrounder” sharing views on both sides of the issue.
The CPD report from the March 29th Stadium Advisory Committee.

Here are the latest reports from the subcommittees studying the feasibility of the proposal from the March 29 meeting of the Stadium Advisory Committee. View the webcast of the full committee meeting on the Stadium Advisory Committee website.

Alumni, Campus and Public Engagement Sub-Committee Survey Results

Best Practices & Design Sub-Committee

Market Analysis & Funding Sources Sub-Committee

Site Selection Sub-Committee

Contact: Kyle Henley
Phone: (303) 376-2635