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The Zombie Apocalypse comes to CSU

November 20, 2009
Rommel McClaney

Humans vs. Zombies has been growing into one of the biggest college events around the world. In the "tag you're it" based game, a group of human players attempts to survive a 'zombie outbreak' by outsmarting a growing group of zombie players.

Big hit Zombie game comes to CSU

CSU students returning home from Thanksgiving break will hopefully be prepared for the fight of their lives. 

Sam Lewis, creator and moderator of the CSU Humans vs. Zombies chapter says he will definitely be playing. "If there is anything I love more than Ninja Pirates fighting Vampire Jedis in space, it is Zombies!"

Humans vs. Zombies begins with all participants as humans. The first zombie is "infected" when they receive notification via the Humans vs. Zombies registration website and then it is their goal to try and "infect" all other humans. The game is played over the week after Thanksgiving break from Monday, Nov. 30 to Friday, Dec. 4.

Arm yourself

The basic rules of Humans vs. Zombies are as follows:

  • The required equipment consists of a bandana, a nerf gun (or socks) and a card with your Humans vs. Zombies ID number on it.
  • The bandana helps distinguish teams, humans wear bandanas on their arms while zombies wear them on their heads.
  • Humans may stun a zombie for 15 minutes by hitting them with a sock or shooting them with a nerf gun.
  • Once humans are tagged by a zombie, they must distribute their ID number to the zombie and then join the zombie team 1 hour after being tagged.
  • A zombie must tag someone every 48 hours or they are eliminated from game play.

Non-players may not interefere in the game in any way. Safe zones include:

  • Dorm rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Academic buildings
  • Library
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Health Center
  • Dining Halls

You can find the complete set of rules and updates as they come for Humans vs. Zombies at the CSU Humans vs. Zombies Facebook Group or at their website.

Finals week more horrifying than zombies

With over 500 people already registered to play, Sam expects another couple hundred students to sign up due to advertising the weeks before and during the game.

"From what I understand, it was made by a group of students at Goucher College in Baltimore, Md.," says Lewis who heard about Humans vs. Zombies back in high school.

"[Humans vs. Zombies is] a perfect way for the CSU populace to somewhat step back, take a breather, and fight for their life against the zombie hordes...nothing more relaxing than that." Considering that finals week is just around the corner, students will still be able to have fun while staying focused on academics.

"We just want everyone to be able to have fun and blow off some steam. Leave the stressing to the moderators."

Lewis says that there are a lot of people working hard to make this game possible and thanks them for their help. The list includes:

  • Michelle Hartman
  • Landon Eskew
  • Stephanie Traceski
  • Bobby Grund
  • Colton McDonald
  • Cory Bissel
  • John Avery

All of the moderators will be out and about playing in their moderator T-shirts, so be sure to thank them for all their hard work. Be sure to join the Facebook group for more information and register at the website.