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Recycled Military Parachute exhibit

July 17, 2013

'The Journey of a Recycled Military Parachute' exhibit showcases student designs ranging from laptop cases to evening gowns, all made from recycled military parachutes.

Now through August 15
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Gustafson Gallery
Gifford Building

An exhibition of products made from recycled military parachutes is open Thursday, August 15 at the Gustafson Gallery.

The gallery, part of the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising, is located in the Gifford Building, 502 Lake St., Room 318.  

Laptop cases to evening gowns

The exhibit showcases student designs, ranging from laptop cases to evening gowns, all made from recycled military parachutes donated by Aspen Pointe, a nonprofit organization in Colorado Springs that specializes in veteran rehabilitation through social innovation.

The students featured are studying in the Department of Design and Merchandising.   

Repurposing nylon parachutes

This marks the second year the Department of Design and Merchandising has partnered with Aspen Pointe through apparel design courses taught by Juyeon Park. The partnership repurposes 100 percent nylon parachute material and its cording.

'Once used by a soldier'

The goal of the parachute project is to teach students how to approach sustainable and innovative solutions to extend the life of a military parachute through product development and creative design.

As one student said, “Getting to actually touch the parachutes and know that these were once used by a soldier really contributes to understanding how sustainable this project was.”

Historical clothing

The exhibit also includes two garments from the Avenir’s historic clothing collection:

  • a wedding dress, dated 1945, that was made with a silk parachute from WWII; and
  • a prom dress, dated 1946, that was constructed from the long-sleeved protective tunic worn by the airman during his jump with a parachute.


Admission is free. The Department of Design and Merchandising is in the College of Health and Human Sciences, formerly the College of Applied Human Sciences.

Contact: Juyeon Park