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Two years of progress: Proctors assisting in emergency preparedness

October 4, 2010

While the Public Safety Team and their assigned groups are working hard to update the University's Emergency Preparedness Plan and the campus' ability to address health and safety issues, your building proctors have been attending training in several areas.

Building proctors leading the way

From basic job responsibilities we all count on each day, to developing an emergency plan with your department staff and holding drills and exercises to ensure that we’re as prepared as possible, proctors are leading the way. Your proctors have submitted updated or new emergency plans for nearly two dozen departments on campus to date. Those folks are ready to help when the call arises.

You may not have been aware that other staff members, especially department leaders, administrative assistants, office managers, and other employees who may be involved during emergencies are strongly encouraged to attend the proctor preparedness trainings for their own benefit (and that of our customers – the students)!

Recent research indicates that persons who attend preparedness training are more likely to survive a disaster and are more resilient, meaning that they are able to recover and get ‘back to normal’ much more quickly (Prof. Matthew Davis, Dominican University of California).

Keeping staff aware of emergency and safety protocols

With recent wildfires as a reminder, proctors work to ensure that our staff are aware of protocols needed to ensure the safety of our students, facilities and resources as well as how we’ll recover should the unforeseen emergency occur. Under Dr. Frank, President’s Office Chief of Staff Mark Gill is leading the effort to keep our community prepared.

Public Safety Team members have attended several trainings with area and regional emergency preparedness leaders to keep us at the top of our game. If you get involved with the proctors in their training classes, you’ll learn about ThorGard, medical emergencies, fire safety and evacuation, and many other important topics that will not only benefit you at work, but increase your awareness and readiness to handle emergencies at home and with your family.

Broad proctor training team

The proctor training team includes staff from CSUPD, Environmental Health, the Ombuds Office, Institutional Technology, Facilities Management, and Training and Organizational Development to ensure a broad scope of information and current knowledge of emergency practices. A monthly e-mail newsletter keeps your proctors advised of current issues, responds to their questions, and keeps them on the forefront of the University’s preparedness efforts.

From major events we have experienced at CSU such as fires, floods, tornados and other safety issues to the the day to day medical emergencies, power outages, plumbing leaks, icy walks, and lights that don’t work, your building proctor is preparing to respond in the most effective and safe manner.

Preparedness is everyone's job

So assist your proctors by reviewing the University’s new Emergency Preparedness Plan when it is published and help develop current, effective, efficient, and safe plans for your departments and work units. Visitors, co-workers, students and their parents will appreciate your efforts when the ‘unthinkable’ happens.

The goal of this training is not paranoia, but preparedness. So next time a toilet leaks, an icy walk needs salt, or a light needs replacing, please remember that your proctor does much more for the benefit of safety at Colorado State and get involved in ‘being prepared for anything.’ In reality, preparedness is everyone’s job anyway – let’s all do our part. Once we’re all involved, success is sure to be a result no matter what we face.

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