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Campus technology 'catching up' with students

October 11, 2009

Today, many university classrooms and other facilities are high-tech environments, with overhead projectors and grease pencils replaced by document cameras, handheld clickers, and interactive white boards.

"A lot of people my age see technology as a tool to check e-mail and do grades. But for kids, the technology is just the environment that they know," says Howard Pitler, senior director of curriculum and instruction at McREL, an education research non-profit in Denver.

Technology transforming learning environment

At the University of Texas-San Antonio, professors are using a $375,000 grant to come up with a curriculum that will transform three-day-a-week classes to allow students to independently connect to lessons online and then have one day for discussion and debate in the classroom.

In one of the study lounges in the new Education and Human Services Building at Central Michigan University, there is a new iMac computer attached to a treadmill so students can get a little exercise while doing homework or other things on the computer.


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