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Behavioral Sciences to open by fall

August 2, 2010
By Kayla Green

With the beginning of the new year comes the opening of the Behavioral Sciences building. For nearly two years the building has been under construction and come fall, it will be the new home for the Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences departments.

Behavioral Sciences building for all, not just certain departments

A look at the new building

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The four-story state-of-the-art facility is south of the Clark building.

A lecture hall with IMAX-equivalent projection equipment.

A new location for studying.

Grab a cup of coffee or reserve a study room at the cafe.

The Timberline room is just one of three specialty rooms.

The Great Plains room has a new 3D system installed for upcoming fall classes.

The Mesa Verde room was designed as a distance-learning classroom.

An atrium built to allow for open space and natural light.

A look at the light streaming through from the ceiling.

A view of the mountains from the fourth floor terrace.

The Behavioral Sciences building, currently under construction south of the Clark C building, will be completed in time for fall classes to begin.

For students, classes will be located on the first floor in the lecture halls. The upper floors will be reserved for both the Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences departments.

Energy efficient building

The new building, which began nearly two years ago, will feature new quality lecture halls, sound and projection systems, as well as more study rooms. There will also be several informational flatscreens displayed throughout the main level of the building.

The building, encased in maple, a Colorado stone, and limestone, will be more energy efficient with a major focus on using natural light throughout the building. In doing so, the designers developed conceptual sketches that would allow every office an etched window to allow for more natural light and save on air conditioning.

"We think it's a very cost effective thing we can do," said Director of Facilities Management Brian Chase.

More study rooms to address students' needs

According to Chase, the most common necessity students brought up during planning for the Behavioral Sciences building was the need for more study rooms and space. This need was created out of the growing desire for additional group meeting spaces that the Morgan Library could no longer accommodate sufficiently.

With the new building, there will be 250 additional seats in study areas as well as 10 additional group meeting rooms equipped with flatscreens and whiteboards. There will also be Wi-Fi available in all the study areas.

Lecture hall has IMAX-like quality

With 275 seats, a sound system hidden behind a whiteboard, and IMAX-equivalent projection equipment, the Behavioral Sciences building is sure to please the tech-savvy students and professors attending class in the new lecture halls.

"By February, the [IMAX] system will allow students to show movies much like in the union," said Chase.

Likewise, the new lecture halls will be encased in fluted wood to ensure better sound absorption. This will keep any sound created from inside the lecture hall from leaking into the hallways.

Specialty rooms

With the new design came new concepts. When the designers began designing the three new specialty rooms, they decided to give each one a specific purpose.

In the Great Plains room, there is a 3D projection system that will allow students to see designs and visual projections in a deeper capacity than before. The Mesa Verde room will serve as a distance-learning room, and the Timberline room has the capability of becoming a distance-learning room as well.

New location for break time

In addition to the new study and lounge spaces throughout the building, the designers also created a cafe that will allow students to buy a cup of coffee or snack while studying. The cafe will also serve as the main location for students to reserve study rooms as needed.