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Receive money on the spot for textbooks

May 15, 2013

Students are putting the spring back in their step -- and getting cash on the spot -- during this stressful and exhausting finals week by selling their textbooks back to the CSU Bookstore.

What do 14 large pizzas, 85 cups of coffee, one new bike, 50 gallons of gas, and 24 fatty burritos have in common? They can all be purchased using the average amount of cash students receive from Buyback.

Last year, students received $168 on average from selling textbooks; students receive the payment in cash for use on groceries, rent, bills, or whatever their hearts desire.

Most books accepted

Students should note the Bookstore buys back most textbooks with a few exceptions: books with water damage, extensive writing inside, binding damage or missing pages or pieces. The Bookstore does have limit on the number of books per title it can buy back, so students are encouraged to sell unneeded books back sooner rather than later.


CSU is proud to continue offering students the opportunity to sell their textbooks at several campus locations starting May 8 and continuing through May 17. Locations for Buyback include:

  • CSU Bookstore (LSC location)
  • Moby Parking Lot (west side)
  • Academic Village
  • Outside Clark Building

More information about Buyback hours and locations.

CSU Bookstore

Colorado State University Bookstore continues efforts to be a student-centered bookstore by offering students convenient locations to sell back textbooks, along with efforts to provide low cost textbook choices to students through its online price comparison software. With its on-campus location and money-saving efforts, the Bookstore remains highly competitive in convenience and affordability.

Contact: Allison Welter
Phone: (970) 491 6918