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New street striping pattern on Laurel Street near CSU

July 13, 2010

Laurel Street is being re-striped between Mason Street and Shields Street adjacent to the CSU main campus in order to improve safety for both pedestrians and motorists. Work began on July 13 and is scheduled to be completed by July 16.

Reducing likelihood for accidents from left turns

Laurel Street is being re-striped between Mason Street and Shields Street to create left turn lanes.

The striping changes create either left turn lanes or a two-way left turn lane as appropriate along the length of the street, thus reducing the likelihood for motor vehicle accidents stemming from left turns. Sections with a two-way left turn lane also provide space for pedestrian refuge on Laurel making it easier for students to cross.

The re-striping is the result of an analysis of accident history that found a higher than expected number of rear end and/or left turn accidents at some signalized intersections. 

Reduce pedestrian conflicts

The analysis also noted numerous pedestrian conflicts at several of the other non-signalized intersections along Laurel. Many of the conflicts were due to the width and multiple lanes on Laurel Street. The restriping plan is intended to reduce these conflicts thereby making it easier for pedestrians to cross Laurel.

No significant increases in motorist delay are expected along Laurel as a result of this reconfiguration. City traffic engineers anticipate minor changes to the signal timing to expedite traffic movement in this area. 

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