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LSC food court open

August 28, 2014

The Lory Student Center food court is open!

Lory Student Center east-west corridor

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The east-west corridor features stunning views of the A.

The Lory Student Center food court opens today with Spoons, Bagel Place, That's A Wrap and Taco Bell.

The Land-Grant wall features Charles A. Lory, for whom the student center is named, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Plaza Bazaar kicks off today on the plaza.

Students, faculty, staff and campus visitors can grab a bite at the Bagel Place, That’s a Wrap, Taco Bell, Spoons and Carl’s Jr. today.  All other food vendors – Panda Express, Sweet Sinsations and Subway -- will be opening during the first few weeks of September, with the Ramskeller to follow in October. Temporary hours for food service vendors are 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., and vendors are currently closed on weekends. Additional food venues will open and hours will be extended over the coming weeks.

The newly revitalized Lory Student Center is open from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., including the main east-west hallway and the CSU Bookstore. The entire building, including offices, will be open by Homecoming, which starts Oct. 16, and staff will begin to move into their spaces at the end of September.

“We have been awaiting this opening for months, and to say that we are excited to have the building open is an understatement,” said Mike Ellis, executive director of the Lory Student Center. “We can’t wait for the campus community to see this beautiful facility, which is a lively source of connection at the university. We still have some final touches to add, such as hanging artwork, but we are nearly there, thanks to the efforts of many people, from those who have worked in temporary spaces for months to the construction crews and vendors. We invite the campus to come grab lunch at the food court and take a look.”

New center includes speacial features

The CSU and Fort Collins community have been eagerly awaiting the Lory Student Center revitalization for the addition of new, fresh and beautiful spaces, yet some of the most important transformations of the LSC will be hidden away by mortar and paint.

The backbone of the new building is centered in innovative construction technology:

  • Carbon fiber structural reinforcing: This innovative material, which looks like wallpaper, will replace rebar reinforcement for concrete. The fiber is epoxied onto concrete and can be used to reinforce old structural components to bring them up to code. The LSC project is currently using the largest amount of carbon fiber, per square feet, of any other remodel job in the United States.
  • Electrochromic glass:  Students won’t be the only smart things in the updated LSC; electrochromic glass windows will change from clear to gray-shaded with the flip of a switch, helping to preserve energy and naturally warm and cool meeting rooms. In addition to innovative new technologies, the LSC will sport beautiful new interiors, created with the assistance of students who were involved throughout the design process. Some aesthetic jewels include:
  • Ballroom:  An expanded ballroom, which will accommodate 1,600 people and can be divided into four event spaces, will feature light fixtures that mimic snowflakes. The ballroom is the largest in Northern Colorado, and will be called the Grand Ballroom because of its impressive size and view.
  • West view: The building will be anchored with a sense of direction, with a view of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and the historic A visible throughout much of the space through an almost all-glass, two-story west facade.

Lory Student Center facts

  • Board of Governors approved the LSC renovation proposal in October 2011. The project will cost about $350 per square foot, or $70 million, gathered from reserves, donations and student fee-funded bonds.
  • 160,000 existing square feet have been impacted by the renovation, and 40,000 new square feet are being added, for a total of about 350,000 square feet.
  • The LSC was originally built in 1962.
  • At different times in history, the LSC contained a bowling alley and ice rink.
  • At least some small section of the LSC has been remodeled or improved nearly every year since its original construction in 1962, but nearly all of the infrastructure has not been upgraded until this renovation.
  • Although the LSC is undergoing significant change, the project planners were committed to ensuring it stays recognizable to alumni. As a result, much of the space will remain the same or similar, including the main stair tile mural and food court.

To learn more about the renovation, visit the Lory Student Center website.