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Ask Cam

Apple tree of my eye

August 13, 2009


Cam, I was taking another bike ride around the Oval this evening and discovered to my shock that the old apple tree on the lawn west of the LL Gibbons Building was gone. The apples supplied by that tree were wonderful and tasted like nothing you could buy in a store. Can you find out when and why it was removed? It was probably planted in the early 1920's according to photos at the Archives and Special Collections at Morgan Library. Another piece of CSU history is gone forever. Thanks.


Nothing like munching on a fresh-picked apple on a summer’s day. Sadly, this tree that had been delivering fresh and free snacks to campus is no longer with us. The apple tree was removed in the spring of 2009 because of internal decay in the trunk was causing the tree to break apart.

However, new apple trees are to be planted to carry on the tradition. Fruit trees such as apples and plums are inherently shorter lived than trees such as the American elms that grace the Oval.

 An apple lover and your mascot,
 - Cam