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Ask Cam

Frozen walks



"How many miles of sidewalk and street is the Facilities Department responsible  for? I think they do a wonderful job of clearing both sidewalks and streets."

Cam’s response:

Well I have to admit, I do not like to shovel. In fact, when it’s cold out I would much prefer to stay in my nice warm stall. But we all know that campus life doesn’t freeze along with the temperatures, and there is always another class or lab to hoof off to.

Thanks to the good folks at Facilities, it is estimated that 30 miles of sidewalks are cleared each snow storm. Imagine a sidewalk stretching from Fort Collins to Longmont; now imagine having to shovel it.

My ram dad told me when I was just a little lamb that cold weather builds character. I think everyone on this campus can say they now have more character after this cold semester – or at least a story to tell their children someday to get them over complaining about a cold day.

Stay warm,

Cam the Ram