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Final examination policies and schedule

May 7, 2009

The Classroom Scheduling Office provides a list of 'Final Examination Policies' that students can refer to when preparing for exams.

Final Examination Policies

Final examination week is part of the regular semester. Student attendance shall be consistent with University policy. The final in-class examination period is intended for the end-of-semester examination.

No in-class examination constituting more than 10% of the final course grade may be given in undergraduate courses during the week preceding the final examination period of the semester; laboratory, performance and other alternative classes (e.g., courses in the individualized mathematics program) excluded. It is the responsibility of the department head, or where appropriate the school head, to ensure compliance with this policy.

a. Courses for less than four credits shall meet for one period. Courses for four or more credits may meet for two periods.

b. Classes shall meet only at the times indicated on the final exam schedule.

c. Any exception of regulations a or b above, e.g., special types of examinations which need more time or special locations to conduct, must be approved by the Assistant Registrar in Classroom Scheduling prior to the second week of classes and announced in classes by the second week.

d. Classes that begin at times other than on the hour (i.e., 9:30, 2:10, 3:35, etc.) will use the time period assigned for the hour (i.e., 9, 2, 3, etc.). For example, a 9:30 TR class would use the 9 TR assigned final examination period.

e. If a student has three or more final examinations (not classes) scheduled for the same day or if conflicts of examination times occur, the student may negotiate a time change with the instructors involved. If the parties involved cannot find a mutually agreeable time, the Registrar's office indicates which courses must be changed.

Note: The Assistant Registrar, Classroom Scheduling, must be notified at least one week prior to Final Examination Week to allow instructors time to make appropriate accommodations.

f. Any student who has a conflict with the examination schedule must inform the instructor as soon as possible before the examination. If an agreement cannot be reached between the instructor and student as to the appropriateness of a make-up examination the student should appeal to the department head.

For further information, please contact the Classroom Scheduling Office at (970) 491-7212.

Contact: Classroom Scheduling Office
Phone: (970) 491-7212