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CSU students score Dining Services above national average

April 20, 2009

With over 10,000 meals served a day there is no doubt that Residential Dining Services at CSU is busy, but how does the food services at CSU compare with other universities?

2008 NACUFS survey results

The 2008 NACUFS, or National Association of College and University Food ServicesCustomer Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey asked over 1,500 students at CSU how satisfied they were with dining on campus and compared their responses to responses from students from 108 universities across the nation.

Survey results show that CSU students were more satisfied with Residential Dining Services on every factor in the NACUFS 2008 Survey when compared to the national average. Below are just a few questions to highlight CSU's scores in the survey.

The survey uses a Likert scale with 5 = very satisfied and 1 = very dissatisfied. The study was conducted by Industry Insights, Inc., an independent research and consulting firm.

CSU students more satisfied with residential dining

In general, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the dining services provided by your college/university?

Colorado State University mean:  4.09
National Average mean:                3.79

CSU students more satisfied with all factors on NACUFS Survey

Satisfaction with: 

                              2008 Score               National Average

Food:                          3.78                                3.65
Menu:                          3.70                                3.62
Service:                      4.20                                4.03
Cleanliness:               4.19                                4.12
Dining Environment:  4.26                                4.14

Student Satisfaction with Dining Services


CSU students more satisfied with most attributes related to food

CSU residence hall students were more satisfied with Residential Dining Services on every attribute related to food in the 2008 NACUFS Survey when compared to the national average.

                                                           2008 Score           National Average

Student Satisfaction With Value:           3.71                              3.36
Nutritional Content:                                3.51                              3.43
Freshness:                                            3.72                              3.71
Eye Appeal:                                           3.83                              3.74
Taste:                                                    3.88                              3.80
Food, Overall:                                       4.02                              3.83

Satisfaction with Food

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