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Awards / Honors

Student scientist recognized for hard work

April 13, 2010
By Rebecca Howard

As part of National Student Employment Week each year, outstanding student employees are nominated by their supervisors for the Student Employee of the Year award. This year, the honor goes to senior Jon Robinson, a student scientist for the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering.

Jon Robinson, the 2009-2010 Student Employee of the Year, performs high-level, meticulous work.

The winner is...

Jon Robinson, a senior double majoring in chemical and biological engineering and chemistry, has been named CSU’s Student Employee of the Year, 2009-2010.

Robinson is a student scientist for the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering. He has worked there for the past two years conducting undergraduate research with Professor Arthur N. Mayeno.

Exceptional work and dedication

Despite this accomplishment, Robinson remains humble.

"It's really exciting, as well as motivating [to win]. It's great to hear that the work I do is helpful and appreciated," Robinson said. "However, I know there are a great deal of CSU students who work just as hard or harder than me who didn't get recognized."

Award based on six categories

Dr. Mayeno nominated Robinson for the annual award. The student nominees were ranked within six different categories:

  • Reliability
  • Quality of Work
  • Initiative
  • Professionalism
  • Uniqueness of Contribution
  • Community and Campus Service

According to Mayeno, Robinson's exceptional work and dedication are what qualify him for this award.

"I can confidently say that Jonathan is one of the most reliable people I know, and that includes faculty and staff," Mayeno added.

Conducts experiments, makes presentations, co-authors papers

As a student scientist, Robinson and a group of other undergraduate students work with Mayeno to conduct research for the university. His main responsibilities include: 

  • Running experiments
  • Writing reports and manuscripts
  • Giving presentations (including national conferences)

Robinson also co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article with Mayeno and two other researchers, which appeared in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling in 2009.

"I know of very few undergraduates who are capable of performing such high-level and meticulous work," Mayeno said. "For this article, Jonathan performed the calculations, created nearly all of the figures and tables, and contributed to the text, while proofreading and data-checking."

Preparing for the future

Although Robinson is not entirely sure of what type of career path he will take, he does have plans to attend graduate school. Starting in the fall, Robinson will study chemical engineering at Princeton University.

Robinson said his time as a student scientist at CSU has helped him prepare for what lies ahead.

"This job will be an enormous help to me in the future," he said. "The work I do now is essentially the type of work that I will be doing in graduate school, so it's great that I've had the chance to gain some experience."