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Impact of Proposition 103 on CSU

October 28, 2011

CSU's President Tony Frank discusses various resources to find out more on the upcoming statewide ballot question.

Dear colleagues and students,

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the statewide ballot question, Proposition 103, and whether CSU has an official position on the issue. As most of you know, Proposition 103 would temporarily increase state income and sales and use tax rates, with the proceeds directed to supporting Colorado public education, including higher education. The temporary increase would go into effect in January and extend for five years.

Our Board of Governors has not taken an official position on this issue, and as president, I can’t (and wouldn’t) use my position to tell you how to vote. Typically, however, I do try to communicate to campus if the University will be directly impacted one way or another by a particular ballot issue.

Analyzing the issue

In this case, I suspect there’s really not much I can say that would be useful to you as you analyze the issue. While we expect the measure could provide some resources to Colorado State for some time period, the full impact to CSU from Proposition 103 is still largely uncertain and will be until our elected officials move to implement the proposition if it were to pass.

Much has been written on both sides of this issue, and if you’re interested in learning more about either the “pro” or “con” position, I encourage you to visit some of the many websites devoted to various viewpoints on the measure. The state’s own “blue book” analysis is online.

Official campaign websites supporting and opposing the proposition are also available:

The most important advice I can give on the upcoming elections is simply this: Vote.

You should have received your ballot by mail, and Election Day is next week - Tuesday Nov. 1. There are a number of issues and races on the ballot that are important to our state and community, and we all have a duty as citizens to weigh in.


Dr. Tony Frank, President