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Dramatic Rams Superstars competition goes to offense, 16-7

April 30, 2010

In the most exciting and dramatic evening in event history, Colorado State's offense defeated the defense, 16-7, in the third annual Rams Superstars Competition Thursday night at Moby Arena.

Entertaining conclusion to spring ball

The event, which drew an estimated 300 fans, marks the final chapter in Phase II of CSU’s three football offseason conditioning period, the entertaining conclusion to spring ball every season under Head Coach Steve Fairchild.

Best described as a combination of the NFL combine, WWE wrestling, NBA All-Star Weekend and American Gladiators, the competition gives its winner a steak and lobster dinner, served by the losing squad, which has to settle for Beenie Weenies and water.

CSU’s offense dominated throughout the night, taking an 11-7 lead into the final matchup. Following a familiar script, Thursday came down to the kicking game. That’s because Fairchild changed the rules at the last minute, just before the final clash, giving the winner five points after all the previous events’ winners received one point for their teams.

Amazing displays of athleticism

But kicker Ben DeLine was up for the challenge. In the Tug of War, he overpowered punter Pete Kontodiakos to preserve the offense’s win. Offensive coordinator and head official Pat Meyer had to restart the match after a few defensive players crept into the shadows, out of the spotlight, to unfairly assist Kontodiakos.

In the night’s most amazing display of athleticism, newcomer Mike Orakpo, a grayshirt freshman safety, barely edged redshirt freshman wide receiver Vernon Scott in the Tower of Terror. The object of the event, which allows contestants to get a running jump in attempt to land with both feet onto a progressively elevating box, is to top an opponent’s leap until one contestant can’t keep his balance on top of the box.

Orakpo matched Scott at 44, 48, 52 and 60 inches, but on Scott’s 64-inch attempt, he just missed and fell off the front of the box. Orakpo then slammed home the win, landing with both shoes squarely on the pinnacle of the box.

Other highlights

  • Nose tackle Guy Miller, surrounded by a rotating mass of green-shirted teammates to fire him up before taking his place, bench pressed 30 reps in the heavyweight division. But Jake Gdowski took the event, and gave the offense a bench-press sweep, with 32 reps. The event simulates the NFL combine testing, requiring each competitor to max out with 225 pounds on the bar.
  • Freshman cornerback Robbie Ford, affectionately known by teammates as Balloon Boy, demonstrated Superstars’ newest event, the Obstacle Course. In a solo exhibition, displaying impressive strength, Ford carried offensive center Tyler McDermott around the rings portion of the course. When regular competition got underway, with a starter’s pistol fired by new tight ends coach Todd Stroud, the course featured a pair of photo finishes, despite some controversial contact during the routes. Displaying the attitude of an eighth man in the box, safety Travis Ford used his body to keep opponent Marquise Law at bay in a belly-crawl underneath a 2-foot-high net. But Law used his speed to outmatch Ford, winning the race. Then, in the event finale, Momo Thomas registered a point for the defense, edging Lou Greenwood by a centimeter at the finish line. Enjoying a comfortable lead, the offense chose not to protest Mychal Sisson’s attempted tackle, reminiscent of Tommy Lewis’ off-the-bench stop of Dickie Maegle at the 1954 Cotton Bowl, during the Thomas-Greenwood race.
  • During the King of the Ring wrestling competition, fullback Jason Klingerman, a former California Interscholastic Federation champion, used a nifty let-him-go move to gain leverage on Tanner Hedstrom and defeat the linebacker. Then, in their final battle of the spring, renewing a heated King of the Ring rivalry that started at mat drills during early mornings in February, Weston Richburg defeated Curtis Wilson in a two-out-of-three rubber match.
  • Officials estimated about 300 in attendance, not including media representatives from KMGH Channel 7, NoCo 5, the Rocky Mountain Collegian and CTV. Players signed autographs and posed for pictures after the event.

Official results

Bench press (225 pounds)

  • Leonard Mason (offense) defeats Elijah-Blu Smith (defense), 21-12
  • Zac Pauga (offense) defeats James Skelton (defense), 23-17
  • Jake Gdowski (offense) defeats Guy Miller (defense), 32-30

Offense 3, Defense 0

Obstacle course

  • Ty Whittier (defense) defeats Scott Carter (offense)
  • Joe Brown (offense) defeats Broderick Sargent (defense)
  • Chad VanderMolen (offense/special teams) defeats Hunter “The Punter” Blevins (defense/special teams)
  • Marquise Law (offense) defeats Travis Ford (defense)
  • Momo Thomas (defense) defeats Lou Greenwood (offense)

Offense 6, Defense 2

King of the Ring (wrestling, two out of three)

  • Marcus Shaw (defense) defeats Tyson Liggett (offense), 2-1
  • Jason Klingerman (offense) defeats Tanner Hedstrom (offense), 2-0
  • Weston Richburg (offense) defeats Curtis Wilson (defense), 2-1

Offense 8, Defense 3

Tower of Terror (running vertical jump, progressively elevating box)

  • C.J. James (defense) defeats Justin Becker (offense), one jump: 36 inches
  • M.J. McPeek (offense) defeats Davis Burl (defense), three jumps: 40, 44, 48 inches
  • Mike Orakpo (defense) defeats Vernon Scott (offense), five jumps: 44, 48, 52, 60, 64 inches

Offense 9, Defense 5

Tug of War (one fall)

  • Lightweight division: Offense (six players) defeats defense (six players)
  • Middleweight division: Defense (six players) defeats offense (six players)
  • Heavyweight division, Bout 1:  Offense (six players) defeats Defense (six players)
  • Heavyweight division, Bout 2:   Defense (six players) defeats Offense (six players)

Offense 11, Defense 7

Final event, one-on-one Tug of War, winner gets five points: Ben DeLine (offense) defeats Pete Kontodiakos (defense)

Final Score: Offense 16, Defense 7

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