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Creativity: Imagination in the arts and everyday life

June 6, 2014

CSU Professors Temple Grandin and Dan Beachy-Quick will be featured in an interdisciplinary symposium as part of third annual Off the Hook Chamber Music Festival.

Dan Beachy-Quick

"Creativity: Imagination in the Arts and Everyday Life," focuses on the creative process and asks the question, "Is the creative process the same or different for a composer, poet, choreographer, or scientist?"

Monday, July 16
4-6:30 p.m.
UCA, Organ Recital Hall, 1800 Remington Street
Tickets: Free and open to the public

Join composer Bruce Adolphe, host of the symposium and co-artistic director of Off the Hook, for an in-depth discussion with choreographer Tony Testa, author and animal behavior specialist Temple Grandin, environmental scientist Michael Hoffman, filmmaker Ioana Unicaru and poet and writer Dan Beachy-Quick. There will also be presentations of creative work and audience participation in the discussion.

Off the Hook is a music festival, but the goal with this symposium is to engage the entire community, not just the musical one, in a meaningful exploration of creativity, which is the defining aspect of being human. Organizers of the event emphasize that imagination, and the ability to create what we imagine, is at the center of civilization.

Featured panelists

Temple Grandin

  • Dan Beachy-Quick, CSU asociate professor of Creative Writing
  • Temple Grandin, author of “The Autistic Brain” and CSU professor of Animal Behavioral Science
  • Michael Hoffman, Caltech James Irvine Professor of Environmental Science
  • Tony Testa, Los Angeles-based choreographer turned environmental activist
  • Ioana Unicaru,  assistant professor of Film & Media Culture, Middlebury College, filmmaker
  • Bruce Adolphe, host, composer, piano puzzler

Off the Hook blends music of today and yesterday in interactive and thought provoking ways. Concerts appeal to audience members of all ages and various walks of life. For more information on Project Youth & Chamber Music programming, events and a full list of educators and artists presenting at the festival, go online