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Online civil engineering education offers expertise, flexibility

October 5, 2009

Kate Lockhart had been considering returning to the classroom for some time, but was concerned that obtaining a graduate degree would be difficult while maintaining her other responsibilities.

Lockhart’s work overseas with the Air Force made the prospect even more daunting. Lockhart searched for a program that would not only fit into her demanding schedule, but that also had a reputation in water resources. Then, she found the online graduate program in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University.

“I was attracted to this program because I wanted to get a Master’s in Engineering from a reputable school and thought I could get that at CSU,” says Lockhart, an Air Force design engineer and project manager. “I really want to become a better engineer and saw this program as a good building block while I work towards my P.E. license.”

A “top-notch” education

The Civil Engineering program is one of 20 graduate degree programs offered through Colorado State University Continuing Education. These unique programs offer students the optimal combination of high-quality education, flexibility, and affordability.

“When I compared this program to other ones, the requirements, curriculum, costs, and format were the best fit for me,” says Lockhart. “CSU had the best program for me.”

Colorado State’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ranks in the top 30 in the United States, and has long held a worldwide reputation for excellence in water resources. CSU is one of few institutions in the world offering an online degree in Civil Engineering with a water resources focus.

“Unlike a lot of online choices, I know I'm getting a top-notch education through this program,” says Lockhart. “[The area of] water resources is something I've been interested in for awhile, and CSU had the best online program where I could focus on that area of study.”

Curriculum builds practical, applicable skills

Continuing Education’s Civil Engineering program is a course work-only degree, offering courses that build skills and knowledge in hydrology, hydraulics, groundwater, environmental engineering, and water resources planning and management. Courses provide students with an understanding of modern design, testing, and analysis techniques with a focus on application and implementation.

“I really love when I learn something new in a course and can immediately find something in my work to apply it to,” says Lockhart. “I have been able to use a lot of the management and decision making tools that I've learned through my courses in my work.”

The curriculum for the Civil Engineering program is taken from CSU’s on-campus program and is taught by the same CSU faculty. Professors that teach in the Civil Engineering program are internationally renowned for their expertise in water resources management and work to maximize quality and convenience for their students.

“The flexibility of the professors has been amazing,” says Lockhart. “I've found that the professors are flexible and understanding of work demands when it comes to scheduling.”

Continuing Education a “Best Buy”

Continuing Education’s graduate program in Civil Engineering has recently been designated a “Best Buy” by, meaning that the program has been independently evaluated and ranked as a high-quality, affordable education option for students.

“I think that this is the program with the best value,” says Lockhart. “I wanted to find a program that was cost efficient, gave me the flexibility that I needed and had the area that I wanted to study. CSU was the best fit for me.”

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