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Directories runneth over

December 10, 2010


Hey Cam, Our department just received an enormous stack of the new campus directories. We told the person delivering them that we could not use this many and he said that he was just delivering what was ordered. No one in our department ordered them.

How can we get this quantity reduced? I hate to see so many books going to recycling.

Cam’s answer:

Once again, I talked with Juliana, my good friend in Communications and Creative Services. She says:

“I have a list of contacts with a representative from each department. The count I have for this particular department is 71, so unless I am contacted by their department representative with a different quantity, they’ll keep getting the number I have on file.”

Juliana also mentioned an article in Today with information about an opt-out option for the directories.

Hope this helps!

Cam the Ram

(P.S.: You can contact Juliana at 491-6622 with questions or concerns.)