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Celebrate! CSU Milestones commemorates James Robb's 20 years of service

April 26, 2012
by Aaron Eddy

CSU is once again honoring faculty and staff who have reached service milestones during the 2011-2012 fiscal year at the annual Celebrate! CSU Milestones. The all-University event to commemorate years of service and retirement will take place at 3 p.m. Thursday, May 3, in the Lory Student Center Main Ballroom.

James Robb, or Jim as he prefers to be called, has a unique affiliation with the university. Rob, a senior agricultural economist, hasn’t attended, taught, or even worked on the CSU campus in Fort Collins. This is because he is part of a CSU-funded extension organization called the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) based in Denver.

Agriculture at a young age

Robb grew up on a farm and attended Davis High School in Northern California. He knew at a young age he wanted a career in the livestock industry. “I worked with agriculture, livestock, and the food arena since I was a kid,” Robb said. “Unlike many of my peers, I knew exactly what I wanted to major in by the time I was a sophomore in high school.”

Robb would go on to receive degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of California-Davis and from Michigan State University.

Coming to CSU

Robb came to CSU from the University of Nebraska to head the Denver-based LMIC program. He has seen LMIC grow from a program focused on the western United States into a globally known consulting operation.

“I left the University of Nebraska to come work for CSU and the LMIC program because of the reputation. We started off relatively small, but now do work for almost every state in the nation, as well as multiple countries around the world. I think we have CSU administration to thank for that,” Robb said.

Life outside the university

Although Robb is frequently on the road, he still finds time to enjoy life outside his career. Robb likes to travel, ski, and spend time with his family. “Denver is really the perfect place for me to be,” he said. “I have the mountains for skiing, my family close by, and a great center point for all the traveling I do, both work-related and personal.”

While Robb has spent little time on CSU’s Fort Collins campus, he has a passion for the university: His son attended and completed his undergraduate here at CSU. “By far one of my fondest memories not only of CSU, but of life in general, was watching my son graduate,” Robb said.

Retirement is not a consideration right now for Robb as he continues to “enjoy working with all the outstanding people across the country.” He loves his job, and says he wants to continue contributing to the success of LMIC as long as he can.

“I’m just so thankful to CSU for their continued support of the program and giving me the opportunity to direct it. CSU provided the opportunity for LMIC and has given it the assets to actually thrive,” he said.

Robb will be recognized for 20 years of service at CSU at Celebrate! CSU Milestones on May 3.

Celebrate! CSU Milestones Thursday, May 3

Join the University community in honoring employees during Celebrate! CSU Milestones on May 3.

The event will honor Colorado State University employees who are celebrating retirement and those who have reached 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service to the University.

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