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MFA Thesis Exhibition opening reception

April 7, 2009

Students in the Master of Fine Arts program have created works of art of their final theses. The artwork will be exhibited in the Curfman Gallery, Lory Student Center, starting Friday, May 8.

MFA Spring Thesis Exhibition 

Opening reception
Friday, May 8
4-6 p.m.
Curfman Gallery
Lory Student Center 

The Curfman Gallery ends the season with the Master of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition, featuring CSU’s graduating MFA students in their final thesis show.

(Photo at right: "Detail Two" by Amy Reckley) 

Exhibiting artists

Sophia Dillo, a painter, primarily focuses on non-objective abstraction because it “emphasizes a space that exists before labeling, before thinking.” She tries to remove the "ordinary" out of ordinary objects to reveal their beauty. For her final thesis piece, she is addressing the ideas of light and its ability to be “visible and invisible at the same time,” in her piece "Light Works." 

Meghan McGrath, a painter as well, creates work that is interactive and personal. Patterns of communication, relationships, and personalities are represented through family portraits. Rather than nostalgia, memory serves as a visual history. The portraits become metaphors for maps describing time, place, and linear movement.

Amy Reckley’s works in drawing converge to suggest singular situations or moments that are between flux and stasis. Her works play upon the notion that psychological spaces are comprised of experience, perception, and memory. As architectural interventions on the familiarity of spaces and perspective, drawings play out in sequences of destruction and reinvention. Preexisting perceptions of structures and spaces are broken down to create the illusion of something more fluid, vulnerable, and impermanent.

Kenny McBroom, a painting major, finds ambition for his recent work by showing a conceptual parallel between the historical nature of the work itself with seemingly ridiculous or dramatic imagery. Significantly serious topics such as war, economics, history, death, and academia are investigated through the visual language of sci-fi, cartoons, comics, and zombies. He tries to create work that provides the signs and clues for a complicated mystery - a mystery with numerous components. 

Exhibition on display through Thursday, Sept. 10

The 2009 Spring MFA Exhibition will be on display in the Curfman Gallery until Sept. 10, 2009. The Curfman Gallery is located on the south end of the main level of the Lory Student Center, in the heart of Colorado State’s campus. This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored by Campus Activities and the CSU Art Department.

Contact: Stanley Scott
Phone: (970) 491-2810