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Darfur's message gets delivered to CSU

September 7, 2009
Anh Ha

The war and destruction in Darfur is taking place across the Atlantic Ocean and thousands of miles away from Fort Collins. Rachel Robichaux, a recent CSU graduate, and Carly Knaff, senior sports medicine major, have been fighting for Darfur from the CSU campus since 2007.

From class to real life

After learning about the war in Darfur in class, Rachel Robichaux and Carly Knaff wanted to raise some money to donate to an organization that was combating the issues in the Darfur.

Their non-profit student organization, Deliver Darfur, was created with a simple plan - create and sell T-shirts, donate the profits, and advocate on the issues in Darfur.

Impact over profit

It started simple and then bloomed into selling bandanas and handbags, hosting merchandise tents, educational and advocacy campaigns, movie screenings, and a benefit concert.

Over a period of time, Deliver Darfur was able to raise and donate $2,000 to the International Rescue Committee.

Robichaux says, “I feel that the money we raised pales in comparison to the awareness we have created. Over the years we have talked about Darfur with so many people of so many different backgrounds, who had never heard of Darfur before. We can only hope that each of those persons we talked to talked to their friends and have been advocating in their respective places of residence.”

Concert for Darfur

The benefit concert took place in February of 2009 at Everyday Joe's Coffee House in Fort Collins. The performers, all from Denver, supported of the fight against the war in Darfur and included:

“It is my dream that Deliver Darfur won't even be necessary in my lifetime, however that isn't possible without some serious policy making, awareness and government intervention,” says Robichaux.

Future plans from the creators

Deliver Darfur plans to release new T-shirt designs in the fall and its creators will continue to advocate for Darfur weather they stay local, go to graduate school, or anything beyond.

“While Carly and I are both in Fort Collins we will continue to raise awareness and team up with local groups and events to sell shirts and advocate,” says Robichaux. “Our definite plans are to maintain the website and online sales. If both of us end up at graduate school in various places we will continue the Deliver Darfur presence there as well.”

Until Robichaux and Knaff finalize their future plans for Deliver Darfur, they will continue selling their merchandise at