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Twins will be in opposite camps for CSU-'Bama game

September 18, 2013
By Tony Phifer

Talk about a house divided: CSU junior Trace Evans will make the long trip this weekend to watch CSU take on his twin brother's school, Alabama.

Fraternal twins Trace and Cam Evans have always been close. They share the same group of friends in the hometown of St. Charles, Ill., and talk or text daily.

On Saturday, however, that closeness will be tested. That’s because Trace, a Colorado State University junior, will be proudly wearing his green and gold while Cam – along with 100,000 or so other Crimson Tide fans – will be decked out in Alabama crimson when the Rams take on the two-time defending national champions.

“As soon as I heard about CSU playing Alabama, I immediately wanted to go to the game,” Trace said. “As it turns out, my whole family is going, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. And I’ll definitely be there in my CSU gear.”

One in green, the other in red

The twins’ parents, Bob and Holly, are convinced they have the only set of twins who just happened to head to Fort Collins and Tuscaloosa, respectively, for college. Neither parent has a significant tie to either school, so it was more about individual preferences.

Cam’s the more buttoned-down, polo-wearing type who enjoys being part of a fraternity. He’s studying finance and economics at Alabama and wants a career in business.

Trace is more outdoorsy, which explains his attraction to CSU’s Warner College of Natural Resources. He’s also studying business, and would love a career combining his studies in environmental communications and business management.

Different strokes

“We’re really different,” said Cam, laughing. “I’m two minutes older and two inches taller – and I never let him forget that. We also have totally different views – I’m conservative and he’s more liberal. But those differences allow us to be closer.”

The Evans family: Trace, left, Cam, center, and younger brother Connor will be in Tuscaloosa, Ala., this weekend to watch CSU take on Alabama. Everyone in the family, Trace said, loves football. This won’t be their first trip to Alabama to watch the Tide.

“Games there are amazing,” he said. “I think our team will really benefit from the experience because they will get to see what top-tier football is all about. They’ll get to see where Coach Mac (CSU coach Jim McElwain) is trying to take the program.”

Hoping for the best for Rams

While Trace is convinced that CSU playing the top-ranked Tide is a great opportunity, he’s not terribly optimistic about the outcome.

“I just hope we can stay within 40 points of them,” he said. “I do think we’ll score, though, so I’m thinking the final will be something like 50-10.”

Even though his parents have promised to be neutral – Holly had the specially designed CSU-Alabama T-shirt made to illustrate that point – he knows he’s in for a lot of good-natured ribbing once he arrives in Alabama.

“I’m going to be on him from the time his plane arrives (today) until he leaves on Sunday,” Cam said. “There will be no mercy.”

Winning vs. watching

Still, Trace has one thing in his favor his brother cannot match. While Cam has managed to watch his school’s football team win back-to-back national football championships, Trace has actually been a part of consecutive national champions while playing long stick middie for CSU’s club lacrosse team.

“He's got two championship rings,” Cam said. “I can't compete with that.”